Chef India Fiasco is a self-taught culinary chef working her way to the top, one dish at a time.

Chef India Fiasco specializes in creating the best food and experience for all her clients.

Chef Fiasco’s first cooking experience started a year ago while in college. Chef Fiasco saw how much money her parents were giving the school for meal plans and the food was ok, but she knew cooking at home would be a more cost friendly alternative. She utilized snap chat as platform to showcase her cooking tutorials; many of her viewers would inquire about affordable eating options and services she could provide. Chef wasn’t cooking for profit, just for fun. It wasn’t until school ended and she was blessed with the opportunity to cater at a birthday event that she later realized cooking was her passion  

Some of her skills include being able to teach viewers how to cook and providing the best food options that suits their dietary needs and budget. Since she started her cooking business Chef has gained knowledge in the field of culinary arts and entrepreneurship. Two of her signature dishes would include: Brown Sugar Glazed Teriyaki Wings, and Fiasco’s Lemon Lime Salmon.

Chef India Fiasco is currently a college student seeking a degree to become an international cargo pilot. Throughout her studies she has learned that there is not a vast amount of African American female pilots. Therefore this makes her stand out against the majority. She is going on her senior year of her college career and hoping to find a job with either UPS or Fed Ex to fly cargo internationally.


"Chef India Fiasco's Salmon Dishes Are The BEST, Her Homemade Sauce Is Amazingly Good. Chef India Fiasco Is Highly Recommended In Atlanta And The Metro Area! Great Food, Great Personality & A Well Overall Business Woman."

Tiara Smith

1 / 3